How to trim your own fringe.

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How to trim your own fringe

1) Dampen down your fringe with warm tap water and comb through until wet. 
2)  Comb all of your other hair out of the way and secure with grips.
3) Use a small toothed comb to comb your fringe upwards away from your face. Take your time to make sure there are no knots or tangles.
4) Once your fringe is cleanly combed through, hold firmly between your index and middle finger.
5) Still holding your hair upwards, cut along in a straight line from one side to the other. Don't cut too much off at once, you can always go over it again if it is not short enough.
6) By holding your fringe upwards while cutting you achieve a nice feathery edge and don't get a harsh straight line, which could look wonky.
7) Comb your fringe back down and carefully trim off any stray or odd longer hairs that you may have missed.
8) Check that you think the length is right, and repeat if needed to achieve the desired effect.
9) You are ready to style your hair.
This quick and easy fringe trim will save those annoying trips to the hairdresser for in between tidy ups and save a few pounds as well
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