How to unlock a Blackberry phone with MEP Reader

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How to Unlock your Blackberry with a MEP Reader [also known as a BB Logger]

The unlock by MEP Reader service is a revolutionary new method to unlock ALL Blackberry phones in just a few minutes.

We guarantee this service will provide you with just ONE and ONLY ONE unlock code that will work only for your phone. The normal imei unlock service can produce up to 9 unlock codes ! Use this service to get just 1 [one] unlock code.

It does not matter what model you have we can unlock it.

It does not matter what network you are on we can unlock it.

It does not matter what security your phone has we can unlock it. Use this service for old as well as new security to get just 1 code.

To use this service you will have to connect your phone to a pc or laptop using a  USB cable, then use our software MEP reader [software is totally safe to use and doesn’t harm your phone] that will read the information we need to give your unlock code. Please contact us for a free copy of MEP Reader or look on internet for free copies.

If you have usb cable then please use MEP Reader and provide the IMEI and the MEP numbers that will be supplied by the reader when ordering your unlock service. When paying for unlock service please state model and network and provide imei & mep [mep guarantees only 1 code produced]. You need a usb to get mep.

If you don’t have a usb then you can order normal unlock service without mep.

Unlock by MEP Reader service

This service will unlock ANY Blackberry with ANY Security.

This service can unlock ALL NEW SECURITY locked Blackberry Phone INSTANTLY.

This is a fantastic service for the following handsets, that cannot normally be unlocked by standard unlock codes or unlocking hardware.

This service supports any worldwide Blackberry NEW & OLD security

These include:.

Any Blackberry with new security has imei number with 03 like this example: xxxxxx/03/xxxxxx/x (press *#06# on phone keypad to check your imei number)

Any Blackberry Locked To Bell Canada

Any Blackberry Locked To Telus Canada

Any Blackberry Locked To Vodafone Ireland

Any Blackberry Locked To Vodafone India

Blackberry 8900 CURVE Locked To ORANGE UK

Blackberry 9000 BOLD Locked To T-MOBILE UK


How to use MEP Reader

Once you have downloaded MEP READER

1. Turn on your BlackBerry
2. Make sure media card is turned off in options, and no password is in place on the handset.
3. Connect the Blackberry phone to computer using a USB cable, and start the Blackberry Logger and Click “Read Blackberry Handset Info”.

Make a note of imei and MEP provided [it will look like this MEP-012345-123] and provide this information when paying for any Blackberry unlock service.

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