How to unlock a samsung mobile

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The following information will allow you to unlock your samsung mobile phone yourself for free. However this code only works on some models, but most do work. If your try it on your phone it wont cause no damage if your phones not compatable. People sell these codes but I dont think thats fair so im providing it here for free!

Type *#9998*627837793#

Go to the 'my parameters' and there you will find new menu where you can unlock phone

To unlock a Samsung turn the phone off take the sim card and type the following code


or try......

If you want to unlock your phone put a sim from another company then type *#9998*3323# it will reset your phone.

 Push exit and then push 7, it will reset again.

 Put your other sim in and it will say sim lock, type in 00000000 then it should be unlocked.

Type in *0141# then the green call batton and it's unlocked to all networks.

If it doesn't work you will have to reset your phone without a sim in it by typing *#2767*2878# or *#9998*3855#

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