How to upgrade your computer's CPU or Processor

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What's is the CPU

You may be questioning who does not know what a CPU is nowadays, and you maybe right on this. Everybody knows what the CPU is and what it does. But in this guide we are going to elaborate on this topic a little more than what all people know. The processor or the CPU is the kind of the brain or mind of the comptuter system. It coordinates and manages all operations inside a computer. Whatever one does in the computer, like typing keyboard buttons, clicking the mouse, scanning images, all these devices when they operate the communicate with the CPU. All components of a computer ask for the service or work of CPU in order to do something. So when you think about this, the processor must be very fast in order to handle all this communication and coordination burden, the faster the better. The speed in CPUs is measured by Hertz, so this number must be big.

What's important when doing an upgrade

When you are planing to do an upgrade to your desktop or laptop computer you need to have some things in mind.
First is the SOCKET type. This is the slot where your CPU connects with the motherboard. There many types of sockets like LGA 775 which is old and LGA 1155 which is new.

Another thing you must consider is what kind of speeds your motherboard can support. You should go to the motherboards manufacturer website and check the list of processors your computer's motherboard can support.

The amound of RAM memory that the motherboard and the CPU together can support is another issue to be considered. There are CPUs which can support 32 Giga Bytes of RAM memory but the motherboard may not support as much. So have this in mind.

If you use havy software like video rendering, 3d graphics, bitcoin mining, programming IDEs like android sdk or similar, video games, they require fast speed in order to accomodate such operations. In this case would be good if the CPU is overclockable, but remember that overclocking can generate heat and a special heat sink maybe required depending on the CPU.

Of course the number of cores inside the CPU, the size of L2 and L3 cache are preferable to be as high as possible.

Thank you for you patience. We hope to have been a little helpful for you. For any help or assistance please don't hesitate to contact us on eEbay. 

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