How to upload listings to Google Base

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How to get your eBay listings on Google

This is a way that does not use the Google base store connector that never seems to work,

This method works and is totaly Free.



There is a problem at the moment with feeds not uploading, I have just found a tool that corrects the problem

and allows you to manualy update google.

I cant post the full link here as eBay only allow links to ebay pages,

uksitebuilder *DOT* net *FORWARDSLASH*googlefix *DOT*php


First you need a Google account which is free and can be created via the Google home page, and an eBay shop.

Then you need to check that your ebay settings are correct, click the link below and make sure that :

*Activate your Fixed Price listings via RSS*.  is on

*Make a file of your Fixed Price listings available*.   is on

And then click apply


Register a google-base xml data-feed-file with the name: yourstorename.xml, to do this follow the steps below;


Sign in to your Google account : to do this go to the Google home page and sign in. You can't do it via the store connecter you may have been using .


Click on the *Base Link* : And on the page that opens click on *Data Feed*.

Now click on create a *New Data Feed*

1.  Select Target country..... UK

2.  Select Item Type..... Product

3.  Specify the data feed file name....This will be your shop name followed by .xml ... Note shop name not your ebay user ID.

If you have a hyphen or Capital letters in your shop name (Kumho-Tyres) don't use them, I am not sure about underscores but the Hyphen in my shop name gave me problems. Some people have managed to include the hyphen so it may work with or without?

My data feed filename looks like this      kumhotyres.xml  ( No capitals , No hyphens and No spaces in front of or between words)



Click on the "Settings" tab in your google-base account


Under "Website URL (Optional)", replace the existing URL with your store's XML link generated by eBay. The link should look like this:

You may need to change this from .com to this is my link:   all you need to change in my link is replace *kumhotyres* with your shop name, no capital letters , no hyphen and no spaces.


Under *Notifications* select *Always* then you will get an email to let you know

if it has worked or failed


Click "Save Changes" to confirm your changes;

Click the "Data feeds" link on your "My Items" tab;


Click "edit" next to "schedule" beside your "data feed";

Under "URL of file," replace the existing URL with the ebay generated link , like mine;  again just replace kumhotyres with your shop name.

Change the upload to daily and set the time to the next hour (if you are doing this at 20.30 then select 21.00)

Ignore the Manual upload as that is hard work, you have to wait for the Schedule .


Click "Update Schedule" to confirm your changes;


If eveything is right all your eBay listings will be automaticaly posted on google, wait for an email from

Google to confirm this, don't assume that it's not worked as it can take several hours to complete .

once it has worked I would change the upload schedule to weekly as there is

no need to do it daily.


[ UPDATE ] Problems!

Time Zone, make sure you set it to GMT London, in both the schedule and the initial set-up. I have just helped someone where that was the problem.


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