How to use BaByliss thermo ceramic rollers

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How to use rollers

These are my all time best buy from eBay. 
Once the rollers are heated You start with the biggest rollers, take a section of hair (no wider or thicker than the roller) from the top of you head, stretch the section of hair up straight and place the roller at the tips of the hair they key point is to make sure that the ends of the hair are wrapped round and tooled under the hair then roll the roller under the section until it is at the root then fasten in place with a pin. Then continue this method all the way down the back of the hair. 
On the sides you will pull the section of hair out not up this time and the best thing I find is to start at the  middle of the section and wrap the hair round the roller then once the ends are placed in nicely roll the rest of the roller to the roots and secure with a pin, then continue this around the sides.
once all the hair is secure you will want to leave the rollers in for about 30min or until completely cooled down.
once cooled you will remove the rollers, then depending on what type of effect you would like depends on how you brush out the curls.
you could either run your fingers thought the curls a little just to loosen them a little.
or if you would like a bit more of a big bouncy wave you can brush them out from root to tip with a paddle brush. 
Then finish with spray.
Good luck 
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