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Bamix, in my opinion,  the king of the hand blenders.  I watched many demonstrations at food shows before making my purchase. I wondered if I would ever be able to recreate the amazing recipes the demonstrator made!  I was mainly seduced by the idea of turning skimmed milk into cream. After owning my marvellous Bamix for a year, I have to admit I rarely do this, but use it in so many other ways.  Soup and smoothies are a dream, nuts and bread is ground finely, Yorkshire pudding batters are light and fluffy. It can do all the work of my heavy food processor without taking up much space in the kitchen, and is so much easier to wash up and put away. Soup is blended in the pan, no extra bowls or washing up required. Not the cheapest hand blender around, but having bought cheap versions in the past for them to burn out after a couple of years, I am convinced it is well worth the money.  I am now looking to but some extra attachments, although haven't taken the plunge yet.  The extra bowl is again quite an expensive option, but I'm sure it would be a very useful addition to my stylish Swiss machine!


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