How to use Folding Crimps (also known as Cord Ends)

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How to use Folding Crimps

Folding crimps are used for finishing the ends of a variety of materials, from flat cords, (such as ribbon and suede) to round cords (such as leather and cotton etc.). As their name suggests the crimp attaches to the cord by 'folding' the crimp in order to trap the cord within it. Some crimps have an internal 'barb' which gives a more secure hold on the cord without you having to compress the crimp too tightly. Crimps are available in a range of sizes and finishes and quality can also vary widely.

The easiest method of explaining how to use the crimps is through example so we have created a picture tutorial for you below.

First ensure that the material you are using fits snugly into the crimp.

Here you can see 3mm wide suede being used. If using 5mm suede just trim the edges of the cord into a blunt arrow shape so that it fits within the confines of the crimp.

Now using a pair of pliers (we are using long nosed pliers here as it will enable you to see the crimp better) 'fold' over one side of the crimp onto the cord. Be careful not to damage the crimp when using pliers with serrated jaws.

Turn the crimp around and fold over the other side. We don't need to flatten the crimp completely as there is an integral barb within the crimp that will stop the suede pulling free.

Here is another example of another folding crimp used with round braided BOLO. As you can see the crimp takes on a more circular shape in keeping with the cord.

All that needs to be done now in attach a jump or split ring and clasp of your choice.

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