How to use Mark Hill Gorgeous Wave Curlers

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What You Need

* Curlers
* Hairspray
* Brush/comb
* Time (This can vary - dependent upon the thickness of your hair!)

How to Use

First of all, I would like to state that I use hair extensions. I only use them for special occasions, when I like to look and feel glamourous.
To start curling, I always plug in my curlers and set them to the highest setting.
I usually attach the hair to the inside of a draw, or ask a fellow volunteer to hold them for me! NOTE: The curlers get very hot, so be very careful when using them! I always have a heatproof mat to rest them onto and make sure I am not near any small children or animals.
I curl each section of hair, starting from the top. To get an optimal curl, I hold the hair tight and tease it around the tong (This always works for me!) After that, I hold the hair in position for between 10 and 15 seconds. In between each weft of hair, I reinforce the staying power of the curl by spraying hair spray over it.
Then, repeat the process as many times as required.
A few minutes later, I turn to my own hair! I section each part of my hair off - working from the bottom of my neck toward the crown. I gently comb each section and partition it off into smaller sections to curl. Don't forget to use hairspray in between each section of hair.
For the top section of hair, I usually backcomb it to give extra height and to complement the overall look. After backcombing, repeat the curling process.
Finally, unplug your curlers. Ta-da! Perfectly gorgeous hair in no time at all!

* I have received the product as part of a promotion from the brand. However, I have been a massive fan of the brand for years. I used to borrow my friend's curlers, but I have recently purchased my own!
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