How to use Mylar Transfer Paper

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1.  Make a pattern on a normal piece of paper. Make the pattern in reverse of how you want it to appear on the fabric, since you'll be flipping the iron-on transfer face down onto the fabric to adhere it.

2.  Cut a piece of mylar paper a little bit bigger than the size of the design, leaving about a 1-inch diameter around the size of your design. Separate the mylar paper, placing the sticky side facing up over the pattern you've designed on normal paper and placing the white piece to the side. The sticky side will hold your rhinestones in place.

3.  Attach the rhinestones to mimic the pattern, using tweezers. You will be able to see through the mylar paper enough to follow the design. Position each rhinestone shiny side down and glue side up. If your rhinestones do not have an adhesive side, you will need rhinestone adhesive glue to brush on later before you iron on the design.

The attachment process can be frustrating at first but, with a little practice, most crafters learn to control their applications.

4.  Re-attach the white portion of the mylar paper to the sticky side, with the rhinestones in between. Be sure to press firmly while rubbing your fingers across the back side of the design. This helps to set the rhinestones firmly for the transfer process.

5.  Remove the white portion of the mylar paper and place the design sticky side down on the fabric. Smooth out the design once you've placed it. Mylar is forgiving of errors, so you will be able to reposition it if you didn't place it perfectly the first time and not dislodge any rhinestones in the process.

6.  Place another sheet of paper under the design inside the shirt. This helps to ensure that the glue from the rhinestones will not bleed through the first layer of fabric and onto the second. If you just have one layer of fabric, you can skip this step, but be sure to protect the ironing surface.

7.  Heat your iron to the lowest setting. Do not put water in the iron, since you don't want steam while pressing the iron transfer to the shirt. Press the iron to the shirt, keeping it constantly moving with constant pressure over the design for about 30 to 35 seconds.

Once you are done, allow the transfer to cool for about two to three minutes before slowly peeling off the mylar paper.
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