How to use Power Maxed Window and Glass Cleaner

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The Power Maxed Window and glass cleaner gives a lasting clean and finish for glass and mirrors, with a non smear technology and a built in anti grime removal.

How To Use

  • For the best results always make sure you are using a clean cloth, or use a micro fibre cloth if you have one available.
  • Gently spray the glass cleaner onto the surface that you want to clean, remember not to use too much because it will make wiping the solution in harder.
  • Using your cloth gently rub the solution into the glass surface, scrubbing extra hard on the tough stains that you may have on the surface. You should keep rubbing until the surface is clean and clear.
  • Finally check the window for smudges and dirt, if you feel you've missed some areas then reapply until satisfied

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the window and glass cleaner work on plastics?

The window and glass cleaner works on a range of materials including plastics such as acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, and even some metals.

What is the non smear technology?

The non smear technology uses a range of chemicals that help prevent smears and smudges appearing on the surface after it has been cleaned.

How many uses does the cleaner provide?

The ready to use bottle can provide up to 200 washes on surfaces depending on the size of the window at hand.

Where can I buy the window and glass cleaner?

The glass and window cleaner and other Power Maxed products are available on the Power Maxed website and on ebay or search the stockist map on the power maxed website.

Are there any toxic chemicals in the product?

There are no hazardous chemicals in the Power Maxed Glass Cleaner.

Is the window and glass cleaner scented?

The window and glass cleaner comes with a cherry scent for fresh smell to your surfaces.

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