How to use Vileda virobi duster

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about Vileda virobi duster

ViledaViRobi Cleaning Robot is cleaning  tiled, marble and laminate floor. Excellent for pet hair pickup.Saves time! Sweeps even while you are away. Goes in hard to reach places. Attracts and retains hair, fluffs and the finest dust. Flexible base. Especially designed to reach corners and along walls.
Fix a cleaning pad to the velcro soft base, select the cleaning programme and sit back until it finishes. After it has finished just remove and dispose of the cleaning pad if necessary. The disposable electrostatic cleaning pads are designed for optimum performance and replacements are available. The ViRobi features an Autonomous Navigation System that allows it to move around and clean all areas avoiding any obstacles such as furniture and walls. Changes direction automatically when it detects objects or walls. Its shallow dimensions allow it to clean under sofas, beds, chairs and other furniture and into corners too.
And re-charging the built-in batteries is a piece of cake too. Just plug in the supplied power adapter, connect to the ViRobi and after a couple of hours it’s good to go again. Verdict The Vileda  ViRobi Cleaning Robot is a cheap little device that’ll make life just a tiny bit less tedious.


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