How to use a Krups Coffee Maker

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Do you own a Krups Coffee Maker? If you do then great, if you don't then you should buy one right away.

If you don't the first thing you should do is buy one right away, this is a great invention. I was a little unsure that I'd use one when I bought it as I thought it would just be easier to use the kettle.

I was VERY wrong about this. I use my Krups Coffee Maker all day every day. 

Just fill with water to the maximum line (from the tap)
Insert your pod
Press the button
Perfect coffee every time (and I mean perfect)

What more could you ask for... (I HEAR YOU SAY)

You could ask that Krups make a larger machine, bigger packs of pod etc. Give it some time once you have your machine and you'll be looking to upgrade to a bigger version ASAP as you'll love this coffee.

However, don't forget about your kettle, if it's now sat at the back of your cupboard you can always donate this to a local charity (that takes electrical items) and they can sell this for you to someone in more need.

Happy Krups-mess everyone!

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