How to use a hdd 2.5 divx player

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Issues relating to 2.5" hdd divx multimedia player SD  (but might be relevant to other players)

After having several problems myself with this product, i did some extensive research and this is what i got.

If you install a hard drive and when its connected to the pc via the provided usb cable sometimes it does not show up under 'My computer' this can be one of several things.

1. The usb cable is not providing enough power, so if you have a usb cable with 2 large ends people have suggested plugging both into the pc and the smaller one into the hdd player.

2.The hard drive might have a password on it (this was my case) and so it wont show in my computer but you can hear the computer ding when you plug in the usb, so you need to put the hard drive into a laptop or pc and disable the hd1 password.

3.The hard drive is not formatted so you need to follow the instructions in the manual to format the drive, make sure its as FAT32

OK, when you use it to connect to a monitor or a tv/projector the unit does not work, this is 99% of the time a power problem. Sometimes the led light on the front of the unit is on but the player is not displaying anything, so you need to upgrade the power supply as i have found alot of them to be faulty and not providing enough power they need a good 5V to max 6V you can try a universal power supply as they usually come with various end attachments.

Hopefully that works for you and can save you alot of hassle, my unit is the sd version and i just use it now as an sd player without a hard drive installed, the only BAD thing i can say about it is that the audio from the unit can be quite hissy at times, but other than that its such a great little device.


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