How to use ciss central reset button /ARC Reset Chip

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In this short guide i give a  practical advice how to use the central reset button aka auto reset chip (ARC)
From the year 2009 many of the new type of ciss system comes equipped with this central reset switch ,which is a button located on the top of the ciss cartridges,the micochips on these cartridges are connected together and this button are on the top of the microchips
The function if this reset switch to reset the inkcounter into full mode without the need of removing and reinserting the ciss cartridges.With the old type of ciss systems every time the printer indicated the carridges needs to replaced the ciss cartridges needed to be removed /lifted off from  the ink counter to set the printer ink counter into full mode.Every time the cartridges reinserted the printer charged the carts and during this process alot of inks lost.To avoid this ink loss the manufacturers invented this central reset button and by using this switch you can simply avoid this ink charging/loss of inks

First of all when you using your printer and the printer ink counter indicates there is ink has been used and showing the cartridges are half full please dont attempt to reset the counter
Always wait until the printer indicates there is no ink left in one or two of the carts and asking for replacing the cartridges
You wont be able to reset the inkcounter with some printer models only if  the printer stops the printing process and asking for cartridges replacement
When the printer asking for a cartridge replacement then hold this reset switch between your fingertips and press  the reset switch and hold it down for 5-8 seconds ,the reset switch will reset the inkcounter into full mode and you can use the ciss system again.
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