How to use my Turnbuckles.

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Dear Fellow Modeler,

I will try to explain the method I use when rigging Bi-planes with my Turnbuckles. Hopefully a few words on the subject will help potential  customers decide if the benefits are worth the investment.

1> Drill small holes to the angle of the rigging. Paint the model ready for the rigging stage, trim buckle length to suit before super gluing the buckles in place. I use fine fishing line for my rigging, but fine elastic also works well. Super glue fishing line to buckle, allow to dry or use accelerator for instant grab  then thread through the opposite buckle, tension and glue. Once dried cut away any waste line. If the rigging loses tension and begins to sag, heat an old scalpel blade and place near the center of the rigging run... Ping! The tension will return.

2>The sleeving method pictured:
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I hope this simple guide helps.
Bob Von Buckle ;-)

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