How to use our Mushroom Growing Kit

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Remove the mushroom pot from the plastic bag without remove the lid. Wear gloves and mask, sterilise your hands with the antibacterical wipes and swab each site of the mushroom pot with alcohol. Sterilise the needle of the siringe spores (not included in the kit) with a flame. When is red you are ready to inject spores (in 4 or more sites around the top, near the edge). Thread the needle through the lid of the mushroom pot (the high temperature will facilitate the creation of the hole injection). Wait around 10-15 second until needle became cold (to avoid killing spores) and start injecting around 0,5ml of solution, ensuring the end of the needle has passed the 1-2cm top layer. Quickly cover the sites with a sterile plaster or similar. Repeat this operation for all the holes.

A good tip is to let the spore solution reaches the bottom. Be careful the lid does not get removed by error when retracting the needle.



Once done, incubate the mushroom pot somewhere warm and dark (25-28°C is perfect for most species); after few days you will see small white spots of mycelium.


Wait 2-3 weeks until the contents turn completely white apart from the 1-2cm top layer (its purpose is not to become colonized); when is white you are ready to fruit.


Add some boiling water to the vermiculite in the tray, put the lid and leave to cool. When is cool, drain off the excess water from the vermiculite by opening the lid slightly. Remove the lid from the tray and the mushroom pot; lay down the cake into the tray, over the vermiculite, by inverting the mushroom pot and letting it drop. Place the whole tray and its contents carefully inside the plastic bag and close the top. Place somewhere warm (22-24°C) and illuminated but not from direct sunlight or strong light. Mushrooms should start to appear in 1-3 weeks. Pick your mushroom when they begin to open their caps. You will do more than 1 yield, usually you have to expect 2-5 yields or jar. Add a bit water to the vermiculite before each yields.

Enjoy...! =P


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