How to use printer head cleaning/recovery fluid

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In this guide we give few practical advice and guide you how to use the printer head cleaning/recovery fluid aka clog buster

The most common problems with printers not have been used for a period of time the ink drying in /on the printer head ,newly isntalled cartridges can also block your printer head due a to air bubbles which electrostatically charged ,this will dissipate after a few hours and the basic head cleaning allowing perfect prints to be made however time to time there is a dried ink in the printer head and by doing hundreds of cleaning cycles will not help,you will waste alot of ink the filling up of your maintenance tank and causing ink to accumulate under the print head, which will make matters worse since it will dry very quickly
If after the cleaning cycles there is still having the following problems the printer head are blocked and needs to be unblocked
-Horizontal Lines
-Banding Issues
-One or more of the colors are not printing
-Blank Pages after several printouts
-Bad quality printouts

The printer head cleaning solution will help you solve these type of problems by cleaning and unblocking your blocked printer heads
it contains the following chemicals
Propylene Glycol Ether
Catonic Surfactant

Using the head cleaning fluid
First of all please remove all of your ink cartridges from your printer (like you go throught the changing carts process)and remove the plug of the printer from the mains (power off your printer)
If you look into the empty cartridge slot (might need a torchlight to see )on the bottom of the cartridge slot there is a printer head
Take a cartridge refill syringe and inject about 3-5ml fluid into every printer head by using a needle or a plastic tube attached to the syringe (if you dont have a plastic tube the needle will do the job)
After injecting the fluid into every printer head please wait about 30-45 minutes,the fluid will dissolve the dried ink in your printer and clean it ,after print about 8-10 full color pages to let the ink purge through your printer ,the quality of the printouts will rapidly improve and will save you alot of money you would pay to the printer technician
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