How to use the 3-n-1 & CX4 Predator Pocket Calls

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How to use the 3-n-1 & CX4 Predator Pocket Calls

Just twist the mouthpiece & line up the arrow with the letters on the barrel to

select the voice you need:

J - Jackrabbit (Hare) (long range)

C – Cottontail (Rabbit) (medium range)

CX - Coaxer (close range)

Hold to lips & blow.

Close hand over the end of the call to muffle the sound, open hand to amplify.

Hints on using the 3-n-1 & CX4 Predator Pocket Calls

These predator calls are not meant to sound like a fox, but instead to sound like a

trapped or injured hare, rabbit, or small rodent.

Hold the end of the call in the "V" formed by your thumb & palm of your hand.

You can then amplify & muffle the sound by opening & closing your hand.

Close your hand over the end of the call & blow hard, opening your hand at the

same time.

Make the first few screams loud & terrified, & then let the screams trail off as if

from exhaustion. End with whimpering cries that gradually fade off. Wait about

one minute & then repeat the series of calls. You must impart the feelings of

terror, pain, & despair to the screams emitted by the call.

Use the calls for 15-20 minutes at each stand before moving to a new location.

These calls can be heard up to one mile away depending on the terrain in which

you are calling.

When you spot an animal approaching, it is best to stop calling & let him come

closer. If the animal stops too far out or begins to circle, use the coaxer to draw

him in near.

Don't give up easily. Fox calling will have its good and bad days.

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