How to use webcam with built-in-microphone

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How to use webcam with built-in-microphone.

I have sold thousands of Webcams with built-in-microphone on eBay for a couple of years. In my exprience the most common problem people have is getting the built-in-microphone to work.This guide is a suggestion of what you could do to resolve the problem before contacting the seller. 

  • Ensure the microphone is plugged in to the microphone socket and not the headphone socket.
  • Ensure the audio system is not on mute, this is usually beside the clock bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Ensure you a have a speaker attached or in-built on your system.
  • Try plugging the USB to another USB port.
  • Lunch your Skype system, click on tools,scroll down to options, click on it, click on audio settings and tick on automatically adjust audio settings and the save it.(This is only applicable if the webcam is used on Skype)

If the problem persists you may need to contact the seller.

For a webcam that works excellently please click on the link below:







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