How to use your Rumtopf/ Rum Pot

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The Rumtopf originates from Germany. It was originally intended to preserve fruit on long journeys.

 Any fruits can be used but some are better than others. You can use fresh, tinned or frozen fruits; fresh is best.Summer fruits give the best flavours. Avoid using watery fruits such as melon as they water down the Rum!Apples, gooseberries and any other sharp berries can cause fermenting.Rhubarb creates a bitter taste and blackberries discolours other fruit.

Now for the best bit. Making your Rumtopf :                                                           



White Sugar

Good Quality Dark Rum


For the first layer you will need equal weight of fruit and sugar. Allow to stand for 1 hour. Then place fruit into Rumtopf and cover with rum - at this point it is very important that the fruit remains covered with Rum - a small saucer inside the Rumtopf may help.Covering the top of the Rumtopf with clingfilm will help in preventing evaporation.

 When you next add more fruits do the same as before but only using 1/2 the amount of sugar. This can be repeated for the next 4 - 6 weeks . For best results leave for 8-12 weeks (if you can wait).

 Keep your Rumtopf in a cool, dry place and shake or stir from time to time and top up with Rum if necessary.


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