How to view all negative + neutral feedback in seconds!

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We all know that some feedback is left unfairly and some is unjustified.

So here is an example.  You want to buy off of a power seller and they are selling an absolute bargain... but they do not have 100% feedback  so your not sure whether to bid if that bargain ends up being a rip off.

Well if you use this neg/neutral finder tool: you can get a better idea.

It enables you to see all the previous neg/neutral feedback and saves you from having to trawl through pages upon pages of feedback to get a rough idea.

I believe this tool is very handy for two reasons.

1.  Are there any patterns to neg feedback? i.e.  Are the products a bargain but multiple buyers complain that the product is not authentic if it has been advertised as so.

2.  Does the neg feedback appear to be unjustified (you can also read any comments responses to neg feedback on this site).  This way you may decide that neg feedback left was unjustified and may decide to entrust in the seller even though lots of negs may have been left.  This is usual as some ebayers can be left with neg. neutral feedback unluckily or purposefully, i.e. competition.

As feedback can be exploited I think it makes good sense to use this tool before deciding whether to buy... or fact having a second look before deciding not to buy!!

As always take into consideration the number of positives that have been left.... this tool is simply there for you to see in detail why the neg. and neutral were left, and to try to determine whether the feedback was left fairly or no.   CHECK IT OUT...
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