How to view comments when sellers feedback is private

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It seems that eBay actively supports the fraudsters and scammers by allowing private feedback. Before making any bids it is important to research seller, if this user has private feedback then you are denied the ability to view potentially important comments.

Researching any seller

There is an legitimate way to view some feedback which can be found with a small amount of time and effort.

Follow these steps:
  1. Do an advanced search, fill in the sellers ID in the From specific sellers field and click the Completed listings only tick box.
  2. Now you have a list of the items which this user has sold. Open some of these sold items in new windows (or tabs).
    1. For each of these sold items there is a winner, click on the feedback rating number of the auction winners ID.
    2. Click on Left for Others, thus you are able to see the feedback this user has left for others...
    3. Quickly read (or using find function in browser) find the sellers ID that you're trying to research. If the sellers ID is listed then you will be able to view the feedback left for him/her and comment. This could provide valuable information such as seller is misrepresenting items, non-existent items, etc.
This method requires a little time and effort to 'hunt' through these sold items and searching of appropriate comments left for others by auction winners but I believe that it is well worth it. It seems universal knowledge on eBay that fraudulent users exploit private feedback to slow down the discovery of scams by other eBay users. Make use of the feedback left by the eBay community.

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