How to walk in high heel shoes - tips and tricks

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Miss Swagga  

Give a girl a pair of shoes & she can conquer the world 

( all you have to do is learn how to walk in them without looking like a drunken giraffe! )

What us girls go through to look good, men have no idea.                                          .
Are you shoes comfortable? Answer: No, they’re killing me, but they look amazing so I’ll suffer!
Ever said that? Plenty do every day, you’re not alone trust me, but it needn’t be such a pain to wear high heels . . .

I’ve always loved heels, but always shied away from them thinking," I could never walk in them,I’ll break my bloody neck!" Then I saw a pair I really couldn’t resist & now I have an entire cupboard full! What’s the secret? Practice! Practice! Practice! Round your home, preferably on a hard surface or short pile carpet. Small, short steps rather than strides, heel first, sole second, backwards, forwards & turns - With Pretty woman playing in the background.                                  .

They’ll take a little time to get used to and some you’ll find easier than others. One pair of 5” heels  could throw you totally off balance just because you lent forward slightly ( watch for shoes that curve up off the ground way too many inches) yet try another pair of 5” stiletto platform heels and you could be as happy as a beauty Queen, so don’t give up if you've had one bad experience.

Driving in heels is a no no, obvious risks aside - like catching your heel on a worn piece of the mat, getting tangled up & putting way too much pressure on the accelerator narrowly avoiding causing a multiple car pile-up . . . and the other little problem of damaging your heels ( unless you wrap them in cling film of course)  So it’s good practice to keep a pair of flat shoes for driving that you can whip off at your destination - Also not a bad idea to get yourself a pair of those bendy ballerina shoes that you can stuff in your bag should you become desperate at the end of a night on the tiles.( I mean who cares about your feet then, apart from the balls of your feet that are probably dyeing in agony?)

If you’re planning on a long stint in your heels, opt for platforms over thin soles as these will take quite a lot of pressure off your feet when you’re walking or impressing the room with your favourite dance moves.
Have a rest between you’re Jennifer Lopez routines. While you’re engaging in banter have a little sit down, stretch your toes a little-If you took off your shoes to dance, (think about this before you do it, as you could end up with a spiked heel in your foot) don’t forget to put them back on, your feet will expand & putting them back on can be a nightmare, that you'll wish you never took them off. A mini break on the other hand, will give them back their mojo.

Gel foot pads can be a real God send in the heels department & you’ll be surprised to find that even the cheap ones can make a real difference between pain & comfort. Silicone pads will stop your foot sliding forward & protect your toes from the dreaded friction that causes blisters - lets face it, lots of little plasters on your perfectly manicured toes weren't really the look you were going for.

Insoles, remember these? yup, they could be your saving grace. Best considered when you’re about to purchase your sexy shoes, as you might want to consider stepping up one size to accommodate them! This can sometimes be the case with Super high heels too. One shoe size up than usual maybe  more comfortable for you, so it could be worth trying on a few pairs at your local high street store to give you the correct sizing for when you’re buying shoes online.

You don’t need to teach a chicken to lay eggs, and I’m sure you’re well aware that the first step to walking in your shoes is to make sure you buy the correct size. Our feet change over the years so it may well be worth your while to take a trip to your local Clarks & get your foot measured for free.
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Remember girls, Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life!


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