How to waste £231

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I have been on Ebay for a number of years and completed many easy transactions.  My feedback speaks for itself and it would be a lot higher if i had not moved a few times and started anew everytime. I am saying this to show you i use Ebay like 99% of us do, that is to buy a things you cannot always get locally and to enjoy the bidding!  On this occasion though i have come across the most deceitful and nastiest person i have ever had the displeasure to meet on Ebay, his name is connect001. On the 18th of march this year i payed him £231 for a Fuji s7000 camera which was described as brand new in the box. It took a few weeks to get it but when it did arrive it had a line running through the lcd display which showed on every picture and video i took. I contacted him immediately and his reply after a few days, and more emails from myself was to send it to Fuji to get it fixed under a warranty which i didnt have! I did give him the benefit of the doubt and contacted Fuji and they said the bill was around £100 and without a genuine receipt for the camera i would have to pay it. I contacted connect001 and he said send it to him at my cost and he would fix it. I was now in the position of having to send the camera back to the guy who sold me it wrongly described in the first place who also still had my money!!!!!  i could see no other way out so i did send it to him but all the time knowing it was probably going to go very wrong for me from now on with no camera and no money. I then emailed him repeatedly every couple of weeks to see what was happening with the camera and he very rarely replied. I was now getting worried so i contacted him and explained if i didnt get the camera or the money i would report him to Ebay, he never replied.  I am now in the middle of trying to get back half of my money through ebay when i left negative feedback for him, unsurprisingly!! He replied under the feedback that he had fixed the camera and sent it to me, but i have waited and waited and as i guessed, he didnt send it at all. A week has gone past and i have just recieved an email from him telling me the camera is fixed (yea right!)  and he will not send it to me unless i remove the negative feedback!  So it has now come to blackmail !!!  Avoid this seller at all costs or you might end up like me, no goods, no money and threatening emails.
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