How to watch digital on analog TV sets

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Non scart Television
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Non scart Television

Important Note!   If your tv set is a non-scart, you will require an UHF Modulator which, will convert the signal from analog to digital.                                                               
P.S - This process can also be done with any type of TV Package  
Such as: Virgin Media or Sky.

How to set up  VCR:
You will need:
RF Cable & RCA/SCART  Cable

Step 1.) Insert RF cable into TV aerial input & insert other end into VCR RF output.
Step 2.) 
Plug Freeview RCA cables into  VCR Inputs.                                                   
Step 3.)
Turn on VCR, TV & Freeview box.
Step 4.) Tune TV & VCR to channel 3 or 4.
Step 5.) If steps done correctly, Freeview should display on-screen.

How to set up UHF Modulator:
You will need: RCA or SCART Cables &  RF Aerial Cable.
Step 1.) Hook up RF cable to TV & UHF Modulator though the aerial input.
Step 2.) Insert Freeview RCA/SCART cables into RF Modulator outputs.
Step 3.) Turn of RF Modulator, TV Set & Freeview box.
Step 4.) Switch and  tune RF Modulator & TV to channel 3 or 4.
Step 5.) If done correctly Freeview should display on-screen.
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