How to win at Mashed(PS2)

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Mashed is one of the best multiplayer computer games there has ever been, mainly because someone who hasn't played it before can just pick it up and be just as good as those who have. Although if you are a skillful player, you should be able to win more often than those who are not, even if they own the game and you don't. Here are my tips for being a mashed expert.


 If you can't master driving, then you'll never be able to win any games (unless you're lucky), so to start off, you should just drive round the tracks, firstly, to get to know where any shortcuts are, and secondly, to find out what corners are possible to take with and without breaking. Once you have did this enough, you should try the time trials, and beat all the times available. The times in the game are pretty easy to beat, so this shouldn't take you long at all. Next try and complete all the single player challenges, which are much more difficult than the time trials, but with practice should be quite straightforward.

Beat the Bomb

The beat the bomb challenges can sometimes be quite tricky, but if you practise racing round the track in the time trial mode, trying different braking points, this should be easily beaten.

One on Three

The most difficuly and annoying challenges are those in which you have to beat a team of three computer opponents. The first time you try these they seem impossible, but there are certain things you can do in order to put the odds in your favour.

First of all, if you ever get to a point where the computer is in the lead on points, restart the race, as it is just as quick as trying to win a point to get level again.

When starting a point, don't always try and get to the front of the pack immediately, as there is usually one computer that roadblocks you to let his teammates win the point.

Be aware what weapons are where on the track, and use your judgement as to whether you can collect the weapon without losing the point.

Persist with the point, even if you can't overtake them, as eventually the computer will tire and slow down, allowing you to win the point.


The main reason to play mashed is of course the multiplayer. Depending on what your settings are, you could have airstrikes to contend with, or the weapons could be random.


When using airstrikes, always go for the person in the lead, that is if you want to win every race. If you are playing many races and there is someone who will win the race if he gets the next point, but isn't doing well overall, it may be to your advantage going for this person. If you are the one who is the target of the airstrike, try to get in front of someone, so that the airstrike hits the car behind you. Also, weapons such as drum bombs and flamethrowers destroys incoming missiles if timed correctly.


When it comes down to it, winning and losing points generally is decided by good or poor use of weapons. Here is what I think the best way to use each weapon is.

Proximity mines could either be used in the middle of a corner, or on a straight not in a straight line. However, only use proximity mines if you are sure you will remember where you put them.

Shotguns, as the book will tell you, are effective if there is a car at the side of yours. They seem to work best if the car is slightly apart from yours, and they usually only work if you fire two or three shotguns at once. If you are in the lead, a tactic is to slow down next to a following car and use your shotgun to take it out.

Mortars are helpful if you are last, as when fired they go for the car in the lead. It's best to use them one at a time, unless there are weapons coming up and you want to exchange for another one.

As i've said flamethrowers are good for getting rid of following airstrikes, and if there is a car directly behing you, you can set it on fire, slowing the opposition car to a grinding halt as you get away.

Flashbangs are only really useful against amateur opponents and computer controlled cars

Homing missiles are excellent when there are two cars left, as you can almost always take the other car out. Beware of opponents slowing down to make you blow up both cars. This is a good tactic if you are left with someone with a missile.

Oil slicks are perfect if you are in the lead, just deploy a bit at a corners and watch them all slide off. If you are at the back of the pack, either use it or ditch to get a new weapon.

Machine guns can be very effective against human controlled cars on straights, as it can make them turn 90 degrees into a wall or an edge. Best used in short bursts.

Barrels are best used when in first, and cars are behind you, but not almost touching your car. Any car hit by a drum bomb should be instantly out of the point.

Also, when leading a point, when you approach the row of weapons (assuming the weapons are put on chaos), it is a good idea to try and get a weapon you don't want then quickly ditch it to get a weapon behind it that you do want. If you're not careful though you might end up with no weapons, so it is a good idea you practise this technique.

General tips:

On the long, oval, icy track, you can win points without even cornering. Simply drive straight up to the corner on the side of the road nearest the corner and brake to a stop. wait for the first car to take the corner then reverse in time with the car, slightly behind the car. Wait until you see the indicator that shows you are nearly out of the point appear on that persons car, then drive straight forward to win the point. Also on this track, use machine gun to cars in front to make it very difficult for them to stay on the track. If you are in front, swing your car from side to side to knock off following cars.

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