How to win items cheaper + see if the seller is genuine

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We all want to win items that we desire for on ebay for a cheap price!!!

But this is normally very, very hard. But to ensure you win that item always bid in the last minute or so so there isnt enough time for your

competitor/s to find out you have outbid him/her. This guarentees that you will win the item. But don't bid on the item if it has days to go as you

are going to up the final price of the item which defeats the object of buying a bargin. Also check the postage and packageing of that item as you

might buy that item cheap but realise that the p&p is very expensive.


When you buy your item you want to make sure that it will arrive safely. To ensure this you need to check to see if the seller has a good feedback

record. You can find out a lot about the seller from his feedback. But don't buy from the seller if his feedback is very poor and it means there is

50% you won't receive the item as he isn't genuine. it is also much safer to buy form a seller who has a higher feedback rating as this means he has

experience more dealings than a person with little feedback and is thought of as more trustworthy and reliable.

Thank you for reading and i hope you find this helpful!

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