How to win items on eBay

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How to win items on eBay

By SteveHills64

In this guide I will teach you how to win the majority of the items and some skills you should know when buying items. This has helped me win a lot of items and would like to pass on the information to you.


Before you start bidding on items, think of the maximum price that you are willing to pay for it. For your maximum bid you may want to add on an extra 5-10%. eg. If you are will to pay 50 pounds for an item then i recommend you to pay up to 52.50 pounds - 55 pounds. It is not a lot more but it can make a lot of difference. You may also want to have a strange number such as 50.64 pounds to make it more likely that you will win the item because a person may not want to pay more than 50 pounds.

If the bidding gets to your maximum amount do not get carried away with bidding and ending up spending more than you wanted to.


Do not bid on the item straight away because this gives the other bidders time to beat your price. Instead, watch the item in 'My eBay' by clicking on the 'Watch This Item' link. While you are waiting for the item to get close to finishing, you could look at similar items to see how much they go for. If they are going for a lot more then you may need to rethink about the price you are wlling to pay for it.

If there is another item you have seen that finishes before the other item, you can bid on that item using my bidding skills below and you may win that one instead.

Other users

Take a look to see how many people have looked at the item and the different number of people that have bidded. If there are a lot of users then the item will generally sell for more than a similar item with fewer people. This is not always the case but sometimes the item will be harder to win if there are mroe experienced users bidding on it. If they have read this guide then it will be extremly hard to win the item.


Wait until there are only a few minutes left until the item ends. Open the page with the item description of that item on and leave it there. In another tab or window, open the same page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it asks you to place your bid. Enter the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the item and click onto 'Place Bid'. It will then ask you to confirm you bid but do NOT click on the 'confirm bid' button. That is DO NOT click the button. On the item description page that you have open in another window or tab, click the 'Refresh' button or the 'F5' button to see if the bids have increased. Wait until there are only seconds to go and click onto the confirm bid button in the other window or tab. If your internet connection is slow you will probably want to make sure that you click it with around 15 seconds to go depending on how slow it is. Placing your bid at the last second means that the other person with the high bid will not have enough time to place another bid.

If your bid was not high enough to beat the high bidder, then you can always bid on a similar item. If you continue not to win items then I recommend you to rethink the amount you are willing to pay for it.

I hope that this information is useful to you and I hope that you will be able to win mroe items.

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