How to work ebay after a stroke.

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Hi All, It was so hard yet, ebay platform is super simple to work for ALL.

Thanks eBay, did not take me more than a month relearning your  easy peasy platform structure. I feel much more comfortable and confident again. eBay rocks this planet !!!.
Almost 10 years on eBay. They have made me a huge amount of money for my super duper kiddies and freinds and family. Now their at it again. Helping everyone have an easy working envirorment in which to work within. eBay if you keep on doing this struture and continue to improve!  you may have to buy out Amazon.... LOL, Yep thats me planet earth, I never lost my sense of humor!
And i can understand how to write once more. You must have some very smart persons on your team.
Me and my Son and daughter thank you. And I Thank all the poeple who keep on helping me every step of the way to my everyday recovery plan. I love all the nations.
And God sayed let there be light. And we all owe respect to  Thomas Alva Edison for all his and his kins efforts.  The Wizard Of Menio Park. And one of my personal favourites, The invention of the first industrial research laboratory, lol.
Ps, I think i can remember how to work social media again. Cheers Facebook.

Brian James Mc. halfcrowndotorg. Says Let there be light ! and Simon Pegg says, I just need to wave my hand. SCOTLAND TRUE BLOODS ARE THE SCOTS And Irn Bru says PARTY ON NO MATTER WHAT !

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