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Your ebay auction title is probably the most important part of your listing!! The keywords in your title are the main way in which someone will find your listing. SUB TITLE KEYWORDS ARE NOT SEARCHABLE so make sure you get as many keywords into your title as possible.

A poor title will result in less visitors which in turn will result in less money! The more bidders and watchers you can get to your auction, the more people you have to bid against eachother and the higher the price will go. The keywords in your title are what the ebay search uses to return its results so the more keywords you can fit into your title the more times you will appear as different users will type various things when looking for an item. For example someone looking to buy an ipod may type in APPLE IPOD or APPLE MP3 PLAYER or PORTABLE MP3 PLAYER your title needs to have AS MANY of these keywords as possible so you appear as much as you can.

Here is an example of a poor ebay auction title i saw recently for an ipod nano:

Ipod Nano

Yes believe it or not this is what some sellers would list as a title for their auction! This is NOT the way to do things. A title for an ipod nano should look like this:

NEW!! Apple iPod Nano Black 4GB (Portable MP3 Player)


NEW Apple iPod Nano Black 4GB(Portable MP3 Player)UK

You can see that these titles include the colour, the words NEW or UK (both are good keywords) but more importantly any variation of someone looking to buy an mp3 player or ipod.


OK, so now you get the idea how do you find out which are the best keywords to use for your title? Well, theres a handy tool at which will list the top searched keywords for any item you have for sale. Simply go there and enter a keyword and it will list the different searches people have used on that item. Take the keywords from the top searched terms which suit your item and you'll guarantee to get the maximum number of hits to your auction and get the best price available!

This auction tip is just a small part of the ebay powerseller secrets designed to help you get the most from your ebay auctions, find out about the others at

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