Huawei Ascend P6 Smartphone

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Very good phone big screen

Well I say big screen bigger than a lot of others I have seen, remember when everyone wanted a small one? Anyway my eye sight is not the greatest so this I found idea size. It will take any of the apps you will need on google play.Its also very thin I find the screen is tough and so far no scraps while its been in my pocket along with my keys (yes i know) I cant find a thing wrong with it bar for one little thing when the battery gets low it can warn you that say for example gmail is using a lot of power and would you like to close it. Which it does only for it to start again. However that can be altered via settings.Its bight very bright so alter that unless outside.To place the sim and micoSD Card you will see a round silver pin on the bottom left hand side. Pull this out and use the pin in the small hole below the micoSD/Sim card slots. This took ages to work out as on mine it didnt say what to do? This is also where you headphones plug in to (not the loudest but good sound) dont lose it like I have.
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