Hunting Accessories Buying Guide

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Hunting Accessories Buying Guide

For each kind of hunt there are special hunting accessories. Some of these products vary by the season. Some of the most popular hunting accessories include camouflage, calls, scents, decoys, and more. Hunting is one of the oldest recorded activities in human history. Hunting has traditionally been viewed as essential to life in modern and ancient cultures all over the world. There are many weapons and methods used for hunting. There is a wide variety of hunting and outdoor accessories available for purchase from eBay.

Camouflage and Scent Blockers

Camouflage is important so that hunters can blend in with their surroundings. There are other scent-blocker and scent locking items such as body soap and deodorant that will block your personal smells. This will keep animals from detecting you.

A person can use sky or snow camouflage - depending on the type of hunting. A big leader in print types is Real Tree AP. This product is defined as an all purpose camouflage. The natural elements are mixed together with mixed pine, hardwood, and items you would see in natural surroundings. When your camouflage is not in use, you can purchase a scent blocking bag so that it doesn't pick up the smells in your home. These bags are moisture resistant and are a good investment for storing hunting clothes.

Key Accessories to Remember:


Tree Stands

Tree stands are a good way to get a bird's eye view of what is moving around up high and down low. A person can go through the trouble of building one for themselves, or they can purchase a tree stand. There are quite a few varieties available, including tripod type tree stands. This particular model has a blind built on top where you sit in a field with no trees available. A standard tree climbing tree stand will help you anchor your own body weight. A ladder tree stand is a more permanent structure. You place your ladder up months before hunting season. Your seat is on the top branches of the tree. The ladder type also has two seats available so that a person can bring a buddy with them. There is a huge a variety of tree stands and stand accessories on eBay.

Hunting Decoy

The technology behind hunting decoys is very simple but incredibly effective. Anyone can utilize a decoy. Decoys are artificial models that usually look like the animal you are hunting. They are sometimes very beautifully crafted. There are many different kinds of decoys available for frogs, ducks, insects, beavers, mice, snakes, crayfish, turtles, rabbits, coyote, deer, swans, antelope, and more. Professional decoys are amazingly detailed, effective, and a good value for your money. For example, predator fish are attracted to rodents. So while other targets are attracted to animal decoys that looked like another member of their species, fish decoys are often shaped like small animals. Since some predator fish eat duck, duck decoys can even be used to attract them. Just as many hunters in years past relied on decoys to capture and devour their prey, hunting decoys are still used today in order to hunt a wide array of animals.


Hunters who are on the edge of a field want to blend in and have a bit of shelter. Fortunately, a blind can be any type of covering device that a hunter can use for this purpose. Blinds are fashioned to cut back the possibilities of detection. Ground blinds are a wonderful alternative to a traditional tree stand. Any movements that are made while in a blind will not be detected by an animal that passes by.


While there are scent blockers to stop animals from smelling us humans and our smells, there are all scents available to help hunt. These scents are not for a huge selection of animals, but there are a few that include whitetail doe, bucks, in rut, and oestrous. There are scents available for elk, wild pig and sow, fox, raccoons, and coyotes. A male deer will come running for a long way if he is in rut to a female. This is especially true if she is in oestrous - or "in heat."

There is a large market in the urine business for selling scents. There are people who raise exotic animals - including the whitetail deer, elk, and other animals. The rut is the time when a male is ready to breed. The rut is for all cervid types of animals like deer, sheep, elk, moose, caribou, ibex, goats, antelope, and pronghorn. Deer farmers will collect the urine during the time when the buck and the doe are in heat. This urine has an additive added in order to preserve the product. These scented hunting accessories help attract prey.


There are all types of animal calls available. Some popular hunting call accessories include duck calls, deer calls, coyote howler mouthpiece calls, turkey calls, antelope, crow, fox, elk, moose, and even mountain lion calls. Some of these accessories are simple mouthpieces, while there are many types of calls that are more complex. Antler rattles are another type of popular call. These horns are rattled during the rut only, and they really don't have any effect when the males are not ready for breeding. A person can either use old sheds they have found or purchase synthetic antlers for rattling. Some people prefer a rattle bag. The purpose of the rattling is if a buck is believed to be stomping around in another bucks territory, the buck that does have the territory is going to go check out the location he has marked.

Daytime Vision Devices

There are a few types of devices a person can use to see better when looking for prey. Binoculars are used frequently for hunting, watching people, bird watching, and just looking out for long distances. Field glasses are a popular accessory. There are also binocular telescopes where a pair of identical or mirror-symmetrical telescopes are placed side by side and aligned. This will allow a person viewing with both of their eyes to view items at a distance much more clearly than with the naked eye.

While a set of binoculars will help you to view items with both eyes, a spotting scope will help you to view with one eye. This small portable type of telescope will add optical vision to present images for observation that are very far away. In most cases the magnification available with hunting vision devices can give far a person the upper hand.

Night Vision

Night vision will give a person the ability to view almost anything in a low light type of condition while being in the dark. Humans have very poor vision compared to nocturnal creatures like the wild pig.

Wild pigs are known as hogs, boar, or even called a feral swine. These pigs are able to kill a person if they are given the chance. They can damage crops and devastate farmland. Because these pigs are so dangerous, there is no hunting season scheduled for them. They are considered a nuisance animal. These animals are mostly active at night, and in order to hunt at night, hunters need to be able to see. A few of these accessories include night vision goggles, binoculars, telescopes, and spotting scopes. For practically any vision item that is available for daytime use, there is usually a night time version available as well.


There are many types of hunting accessories available for coyotes, rabbits, ducks, deer, swans, antelope, and more. Camouflage is a vital accessory that is a worthwhile investment for hunters. There are all types of animal calls available for hunting in various seasons. There is a huge a variety of tree stands and stand accessories that can be used to blend in with surroundings and get a good view of the sky and the grounds. There are plenty of urine-scented hunting accessories that can help attract prey. There is also a plethora of daytime and night time vision devices that can help hunters magnify their sight. You will need to consider a wide selection of hunting accessories in order to find the one that will fit your hunting needs. A large selection of hunting accessories can be purchased from eBay.

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