Hunting Decoy Buying Guide

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Hunting Decoy Buying Guide

The technology behind hunting decoys is simple but effective. Anyone can utilize a decoy. There are many weapons and methods used for hunting. Just as many hunters in years past relied on decoys to capture and devour their prey, hunting decoys are still used today in order to hunt a wide array of animals. There is a huge a variety of hunting decoys available for purchase from online marketplaces like eBay.


Decoys are artificial models that usually look like the animal you are hunting. They are sometimes very beautifully crafted. There are many different kinds of decoys available for frogs, ducks, insects, beavers, mice, snakes, crayfish, turtles, rabbits, coyote, deer, swans, antelope, and more. Professional decoys are detailed, effective, and a good value for your money.

Duck Hunting Decoy

Duck decoys are extremely effective when it comes to duck hunting. A decoy with this type of hunting is so crucial, in fact, that without a duck decoy you may complete your day of empty-handed. Since ducks are very perceptive, duck hunting decoys have to be very realistic. These decoys convince ducks flying overhead that it is acceptable to float on a particular body of water or land on a patch of grass. In order to use a duck decoy, a hunter must think about the entire set up of the hunting area.

A common mistake hunters make when it comes to duck decoys is that they put a large amount of decoys out on the lake thinking that they will attract a large number of ducks to their hunting area. However, a huge number of duck decoys do not look natural to a real duck. Instead of an invitation, such an obvious set up will be a red flag for the duck to fly away.

Ducks like to have their own space. Typically, 4 to 6 medium size ducks that are spread out on a body of water will bring in just a few more ducks. Well-made duck decoys are aesthetically pleasing to even the human eye. Woodcarvers have been carving ducks for centuries. Some modern day duck hunting decoys come with a remote control that makes the duck swim. Other decoy models can flap their wings with real feathers.

Coyote Hunting Decoys

Coyote decoys are a little different. Coyote don't hunt in a pack; they hunt for small animals like voles, and gophers. So a decoy for a coyote is usually a small animal like a rabbit. A hunter sets up the decoy with a screeching sound recording of the rabbit and then the coyotes will be in plain sight when they come for bait. Some electronic decoys include rabbits and ducks. These can particularly effective to hunters who are trying to attract coyotes and other predators.

Fish Hunting Decoys

There are many types of fish decoys. You will find that the concept behind a fish decoy is completely different from the concept behind a deer, duck, or turkey, hunting decoy. While the other targets were attracted to animal decoys that looked like another member of their species, fish decoys are often shaped like frogs, ducks, insects, beavers, mice, snakes, crayfish, turtles, and rabbits. Predator fish are attracted to small rodents. A popular predator fish to for hunters are the sturgeon fish. Sturgeons are currently close to extinction because of the love of their wonderful caviar. In England the sturgeon is considered to be a royal fish and property to the Crown. To attract other predator fish, a clever hunter would prop a rabbit or mouse up along the side of a lake. Since some predator fish eat duck, duck decoys can even be used to attract them. Once the duck decoy has been place on the water, the hunter could hide in the reeds nearby with his spear.

The fish decoys that actually do look like fish are primarily used for spear fishing through the ice. When the water is frozen over, fish do not move very quickly. Predator fish who hunt other fish may swim to fish decoy in order to get a closer look. In order to use a fish decoy, here are a few steps you must follow.

* Drill a hole in the ice with a post-hole digger, otherwise known as an auger. These are gas powered diggers, and they can cut through the ice very easily.

* Once you cut through the ice, you will need a saw to cut around the hole. Since predator fish are quite large, the ice will need to be cut around five feet in diameter.

* When you are finished, you can set up a dark house or makeshift shanty that is commonly used for ice fishing. This temporary structure will need four sides and a roof to keep the wind off of you, and the light off of the hole. Light directed to the hole will cause melting.

* Attach your decoy fish firmly to a pole with a line. Slowly lower the fish to the bottom of the hole and bring it up towards the surface of the water. Sometimes just a few passes is all you need to catch a predator fish with a spear.

Deer Hunting Decoy

Just putting up a decoy out in a field or on the edge of your property isn't a guaranteed way of luring in deer for a clean shot. Other effective decoy accessories include scents and calls. A doe decoy will attract bucks. If a buck decoy is very real then it will feel threatened. The real buck may even try to attack the buck decoy.

One particular type of whitetail hunting decoy is a Carry-Lite model. This model gives hunters the option of putting the horns or antlers on, or leaving the horns or antlers off in order to make the decoy look female. The Carry-Lite model decoy even has a waving white tail. Some models are electronic, while others just flip with the breeze of the wind. For this model it is suggested to only leave one horn on the decoy in order to attract a buck. This suggests more dominating males that the decoy buck is already weaker because it has already lost fights. Big bucks are so attracted to the decoy that they will come out to square off with the decoy. Hunters suggest leaving the decoy near your tree stand or blind. This is so that the real buck will be in close proximity, when they arrive in order to challenge the weakened decoy buck.

A combination of deer hunting decoys is also advised. Ideally, the combination would be displaying both a buck and a doe decoy. While it may be a little bit of extra work for a hunter to carry two decoys onto the hunting grounds, this unique method can attract other male deer that may live in the area. The other male deer may have been stocking females. Seeing the hunting decoy combination will attract male deer who will attempt to engage in fight with the buck decoy.

Turkey Hunting Decoys

Another bird that is popular amongst hunters is the turkey. Using a decoy when hunting for turkey is just as necessary as using a decoy when hunting for deer. Wild turkeys do not hear or see as well out in a field at a distance. This makes turkey hunting decoys even more effective, as the prey thinks they are moving towards a fellow turkey.
Select a hunting spot that is clearly visible. An ideal spot to use your turkey hunting decoy is near a field or on the edge of the wood line. Set up your turkey decoy using no more than two hens and one jake, or a young male turkey. Carry-Lite also has a hunting decoy system for turkeys. The popular system is called the Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl system. This turkey decoy set already includes two hens and a jake. If a tom, or a mature male, was to encounter the jake, then it would likely attempt to dominate the younger male. In close proximity to the decoy, the tom will puff out his feathers and try to court the hens. Use your turkey call, and then just wait for the show. Turkeys are not as perceptive as ducks. Your turkey hunting decoys can do all the work for you. Stop calling when a turkey approaches the decoy. You would stay quiet unless the turkey starts to turn away. When the turkey is in a good range, you can take a shot and pick up your dinner. Specialized turkey calls, decoys, and other equipment are available on eBay for hunting enthusiasts.

Know Your eBay Hunting Decoy Seller

An excellent way to find a good quality hunting decoy is to shop eBay Stores. Be sure to communicate with the eBay Community to exchange ideas and get excellent advice. Before you purchase a hunting decoy, research the eBay seller to ensure that your transaction is secure and positive. Here are some important questions to consider before you purchase a hunting decoy that you will use.

1. How many negative versus positive responses does the seller have?

2. What do eBay buyers say about their specific type of hunting decoy in the feedback?

3. How many hunting decoy sales has the eBay seller completed?

4. Is there a money-back guarantee provided by the seller for their hunting decoy?

5. What are the seller's terms and conditions?


A decoy is an excellent tool to bring on hunting trip. You will need to consider a wide selection of hunting decoys in order to find the one that will fit your hunting needs. There is a large selection of hunting decoys that can be purchased from eBay.

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