Hybrid Bike Frame Buying Guide

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Hybrid Bike Frame Buying Guide

In today's market there are urban bikes, trail bikes, mountain bikes, downhill bikes, dirt bikes, cross bikes, full-suspension bikes, electric bikes, and more. Fortunately, you can choose a bike that will meet all of your specifications. Hybrid bikes take some of the most redeeming qualities of each bike and combine them into one. They are generally more capable than a touring bike, yet faster than a typical mountain bike. Hybrid bikes are versatile and great for fitness. A variety of bikes and bike parts can be purchased from eBay.

The History of the Bicycle

The walking machine was built in 1817 by Baron von Drais. In 1865 the Velocipede was built. This invention was eventually followed by the High Wheel Bicycle. The High Wheel Bicycle was modified during the centuries to reach the design of the modern bike that we are familiar with today. In the past, bicycles were simply used to get from one point to another. Today bikes are not only used for daily transportation, but they are also used for entertainment and competitions.

Types of Bikes

In the early years of bike manufacturing the choices were limited. Though today's bikes fall into three general categories-road, mountain or hybrid, variations within those categories are often numerous and confusing.

* Road Bikes:: The road bike is designed for speed on the open road and encourages a low position to avoid wind drag. They can be hazardous for beginners trying to navigate bumpy curbs, uneven roads, and pothole covers. In fact, the impact coming off high curbs, combined with the weight of the rider, can bend the wheels. Additionally, the rider would want to choose a handlebar height that enables him to look forward without straining his neck.

* Mountain Bikes: These are crafted for rough terrain. The big, lumpy tires are good for gripping rocky trails. However, the heavy shock absorption of the mountain bike generates friction on city streets, slows the bike, makes pedalling difficult, and causes fatigue in the rider. They, like the road bike, are designed to position the rider low.

* Hybrid Bikes:: The hybrid is touted among bikers as the best of both worlds. It combines many of the characteristics of the road and the mountain bikes. Additionally, the construction is such that it allows the rider to sit in an upright position, which takes pressure off the back and neck.

A Combination Bike for All

If you can't decide between a mountain bike or a road bike, then a hybrid bike would be an excellent choice. A hybrid is both a mountain bike and a road bike. This bike features a special combination of tyres with a rough outer tread to cope with off road demand, and a smooth surface for on road riding. While it is considered to be part mountain bike, it isn't able to go on extremely rocky terrain. However, the tyres are robust enough to get you down a more difficult track with a good steep hill.

The wheel sizes are different than that of a standard mountain bike and a racing bike. Hybrids are mainly in two types of sizes. 700 c is used more for road riding, while a smaller 26 inch wheel is used more for the mountainous trails.

A huge bonus on the hybrid is the comfort factor. The flat bars allow a more comfortable upright cycling position, which is wonderful for long distance cycling. This helps riders avoid aches and pains in the shoulder, neck, arm, and back.

Tires for Hybrid Bikes

Since comfort and traction are prime concerns for the Hybrid biker, typically the tires are wider than tires on touring or road bikes. The question of whether the knobby or smooth tire for the Hybrid bike invariably surfaces. Though there are no pat answers, some expert cyclists favour the semi- slicks, 28 mm to 32 mm, or 1.5 inches to 1.75 inch medium-width, with knobby sides. This choice will aid the rider navigate turns on the rougher terrain.


Understanding Hybrid Bike Parts


The most important part of a bike is the frame. The frame is the body of the bike, and it sustains all the other pieces needed in order for the device to function properly. It might also be the most expensive bike part that has to be replaced. Although they were much heavier, steel frames where used in the past because they were less expensive. Today frames are usually made from aluminium or carbon fibre because they need to be light and durable.


Another important part of the bike is the fork. The fork is added to the frame. Like the frame, the fork can be made from different materials and may or may not have suspensions.


Depending on the bike, rims can be made from steel or aluminium. They can also have single, double, or triple walls. The more walls, the more resistant the rims will be when fronting off-road bumps, street curbs, or rocks.

Brake Systems

Brake pads are made from carbon, organic material, ceramics, or synthetic material. The pads made from an organic material are the cheapest. The organic material will last for a short period if they are used very often. The other materials are made especially for professional bikers. Here are two major types of brakes that can found on a bicycle.

1 Rim Brakes make the wheel stop from rotating. Almost all frames and forks allow for rim brakes. These types of brakes are operated by cables and springs.

2 Disk Brakes started being used on bikes a few years ago because of their efficiency and quick response. They are more expensive than Rim Brakes and require more maintenance. Disk Brakes, however, have a much longer lifespan. Disk Brakes can only be installed on a bike with hubs that were designed for them.

Hybrid Bikes

When people shop they tend to look for comfort and efficiency. Bike shopping is no different. Hybrid bikes are known for being completely efficient and comfortable. Hybrids have a lighter body type, but they are still very sturdy because of the materials used to make them. They are generally made of aluminium or chromalloy. Aluminium may be a bit lighter in weight, which some people are looking for. However, the negative to an aluminium bike is that they are not as durable. This means you may have a harsher riding experience. A hybrid bike frame has a suspension in which there is a stem to take the edge off of road vibrations. So although aluminium frames can be less sturdy, they are still very good bikes that can last for many years to come.


The hybrid can go on or off road. The frame of the hybrid has horizontal bars which are very comfortable for riding. The cycle can also have a selection of different tire widths which can help to aid in a pleasurable ride with such comfort. The next benefit is the gears being similar to that of a mountain bike. So when riding on a hill at a pace you wouldn't struggle is the real key there. Most manufactures have a pre-kitted bike that has racks and some of the mudguards which are a popular choice for commuting riders.

Understanding Your Hybrid Bike Materials

The material is the backbone of the bike. Here are four main types.

Hi-Tensile Steel

Pros: it is very strong, the most affordable, nice to ride, and usually availability in online marketplaces like eBay.

Cons: Weight of the material is quite heavy. This can rust easily if it's not cared for.

Chromalloy Steel

Pros: The machine is very affordable and light weight.

Cons: Rusts if it isn't taken care of properly.


Pros: The bike is light, powerful, and low-cost.

Cons: More expensive than the high tensile steel.

Other items such as carbon-fibre, carbon and aluminium

Pros: It is the lightest bike and it is very strong. It is also rust and corrosion resistant.

Cons: It is the most expensive.


Hybrid bikes combine some of the most redeeming qualities of touring and mountain bikes. Hybrid bikes are versatile and comfortable. A variety of hybrid bikes can be purchased from eBay.

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