Hybrid Golf Club Buying Guide

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Hybrid Golf Club Buying Guide

As the game of golf became more popular; golf clubs that were originally handcrafted and made of wood were redesigned. Specially formatted clubs were designed so that players could hit balls in different situations throughout the game. Eventually golfers had to have a set of standard clubs that included drivers, irons, wedges, putters, and fairway woods.

Hybrid clubs, also referred to as utility clubs, were originally designed for special occasions. When the golfer needed to have a club that combined the nature of a fairway woods and the accuracy of the irons arose, the hybrid golf club could be used. The fairway woods has a shaft that is longer than other clubs, and heads that are rounder and larger than others. Irons have a shorter shaft and a thinner head that can be used in different situations. Irons are however harder to hit than the fairway woods. They are designed to hit the ball for higher and longer distances. When you cross a fairway woods with an irons, you get a hybrid club. Although hybrid golf clubs have been around for a long time, they have only become popular amongst golfers in the recent years. Their popularity continues to grow.

Features of a Hybrid Golf Club

The head of the hybrid club is a bit smaller than that of the fairway woods. This makes it easier for the golfer to hit the ball out of a bad lie or to hit it from the rough. The hybrid club head also helps the ball go much higher. These golf clubs, unlike fairway woods, have a flat face. This face makes the spin of the ball increase. It allows the ball to stop faster and more accurately when the golfer pitches. Some faces of the hybrid head are shallow and a bit longer from front to back, while others resemble the irons but with longer faces and shorter heads. The hybrids that look more like the irons are made for professional players, while those that look more like the fairway woods are for casual golfers.

The hybrid club shaft has a length that is between that of a fairway wood and an irons. It covers less distance than a fairway woods. However, since the hybrid club shaft is slightly shorter, golfers have more control over the shot. Hybrid shafts are available in steel or graphite. Steel shafts are heavier, but they provide consistency and control for the golfer. The lighter graphite shafts are more popular, and they help golfers attain a greater swing speed.

The Hybrid Shaft Flex

The flex is how much the shaft of the club bends during a swing. Different hybrids have different degrees of flex. The degrees can be regular, firm, stiff, lady's, and senior. Although the golfer needs to use more speed to hit the ball, the accuracy and control of the club increases with its stiffness. Beginners usually like to use more flexible hybrids to enable them to hit the ball further.

Advantages of Hybrids

Hybrid clubs have a design that is superior to the fairway woods and traditional irons. Since it is longer than the irons and shorter than the fairway woods, it is easier for the golfer to square the face of the club with the ball. The diameter of the shaft of the hybrid is a bit wider than that of the fairway woods. This helps the golfer to gain more control. The club's light weight also makes the swing easier for the golfers. Here is a chart of other advantages.



Increased Distance

Golfers with a slower swing speed get a 5-8 yards increase when they use hybrid clubs. Players with a higher swing speed may not get a similar improvement in distance. However, the ball might roll less when it gets in contact with the ground. This may be useful for certain shots.


The hybrid can be used in many different situations. It can be played in the fairway, tee, or in the rough. It also makes it easier for golfers to make shots in the most difficult lies.

Higher Trajectory

The centre of gravity in a hybrid club is lower. This increases the spin rate, and a greater launch angle is created. The ball gets into the air with more ease and stops at a faster rate. This especially useful when hitting the ball over hills and other raised obstacles.

Reasons to Use a Hybrid

Hybrid golf clubs can be hit with more ease than other irons. With the hybrid, the ball will fly higher. This is due to the vanishing loft phenomenon, and also the 24/38 rule. This rule basically states that most golf players are not able to consistently hit an iron with a loft of less than 24 degrees, or a lost that is 24 degrees and with a length of 38 inches or more.

The Vanishing Loft Phenomenon

Many years ago, golf club manufacturers discovered that length was the main thing a golfer would consider when choosing a new club. Golfers concentrate on this because the length of a club is directly proportional to the length of the loft. Therefore, manufacturers started making 5 irons with a 4 iron loft just to make a profit. As a result, a 4 iron that originally had 28 degrees loft was found to have a loft near to 24 degrees. Unless a golfer is very skilled and the 24/38 rule does not apply to him, then a hybrid golf club should be included in their bag.

How to Choose the Best Hybrid Club

It is not difficult to choose a hybrid golf club. However, there are things a golfer should keep in mind when shopping for a hybrid golf club so that the club is utilized effectively and efficiently.

1. A golfer should find out first what his biggest weakness in his game is and have it in mind before going shopping for a hybrid. For example, a golfer may miss shots frequently or have trouble hitting the ball high enough. Hybrid golf clubs are basically made to solve a wide range of problems such as those.

2. There are two types of hybrid golf clubs. There are hybrids that are made to replace irons, and hybrids that are made to replace woods. If the intent is to replace an irons club, the golfer should choose a club with a thicker and larger head. If you are shopping for a hybrid to replace a woods, then a club with a shallow face should be chosen. Since each club has a different degree of loft that corresponds to the different fairway woods and irons clubs, it is important for the golfer to know which club he wants to replace. Is there a money-back guarantee provided by the seller for their hybrid golf club?

3. A golfer should pick a hybrid with a grip that matches his current set of clubs. It is difficult to get used to a hybrid, but a grip similar to what a golfer is accustomed to makes it easier. If necessary, the grip can be replaced. The hybrid golf club should also be the same length as that of the iron or fairway wood that it is meant to replace. At the most, it can be just half an inch longer.

4. If it is at all possible, golfers should try out the clubs before they purchase them. If you purchase your club from an online marketplace like eBay, then you can select a seller with a return policy. It is important for golfers to be comfortable with the weight of the club when swinging it.


Because of its versatility, a golfer should have at least one hybrid club in their set of clubs. Hybrid golf clubs are easier to hit than irons, and they help golfers attain consistency. They also help increase the confidence of golfers and make their games more enjoyable. You will need to consider a wide selection of hybrid golf clubs in order to find the one that is need good for your game. A variety of golf clubs can be purchased from eBay.

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