I HEART FAME and The Pandora Bracelet Fitting Guide

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History of Pandora
Pandora was inspired by a Greek myth and symbolises hope.  Pandora was described in this myth as the first women created out of the earth as part of the punishment of mankind for Prometheus' theft of the 'secret fire'.  According to the myth Pandora was given a jar by Zeus which she was warned not to open.  However as planned she was unable to resist this temptation.  Once opened the troubles placed within it were unleashed unto the world.  By the time she managed to close it she was able to save one thing and one thing only: Hope.

Why wear Pandora
I love wearing Pandora bracelets because they tell their own story and can symbolise my dreams and memories.  Pandora charms allow you to create your own story through stunning beads such as a birthday, graduation, zodiac sign, achievements, your favourite hobby or just to represent your sensational self image.   In this way every time you add a bead or a charm to your bracelet you add a piece of your own history to this.  The selection of beads are endless so it's pretty easy to create a bracelet that represents your fabulous self.  

Pandora is crafted using sterling silver and 14 carrot gold.  Many Pandora and European beads feature cubic zirconias and gemstones.  I know this piece of exquisiteness holds a lot of sentimental value and so do a number of celebrities.  Celebrities that are well known to use charm bracelets include former X factor judge Cheryl Cole and Project Runway's Heidi Klum.  

How to measure your bracelet
Measuring your bracelet before creating them avoids the shame and stress faced if it looks lame.  

Steps to ensure you have the perfect sized bracelet:

1. Measure your wrist at its widest point.   

2. Add 1 inch to this measurement

Well, you're going to add charms so you need to leave enough room for them to fit.  You also need to have a bracelet that feels comfortable on your lovely wrist. For a rough guide if you have an average build your bracelet will probably lie within 19 to 22cm.

3. BUT how do you want to wear your bracelet?
For a boho look: Go for a looser look where the bracelet has the freedom to roll along your arm and wrist
For a smart/ casual look: Go for a more structured and fitting bracelet that pretty much stays fixed to one part of your wrist
For this reason visit your local Pandora shop before you buy and test out different sizes complete with charms to find out what sizes you the best!!

Giving Pandora bracelets as a gift
Make sure you get the correct measurements so that there is no room left for mistakes.  If you don't have measurements try on a bracelet or watch they own and compare it against your own wrist!
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