I Wont post To There!

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Hi everyone,if your reading this,you have no doubt been scammed or had a scam attempted on you as I have,I am at present on my 5th listing just to sell one phone!!

So far i have had offers of money orders,postal orders online service,paypal,an e cheque which had a 10 day clearance time and was cancelled within the last hour of clearing,obviously hoping i would see payment and send straight out,and the latest one after implementing restrictions to just about everything possible,i have recieved one from a (i think) genuine ebayer,who i think has has his/her account hijacked as their spelling is suddenly very poor,and gues what????
THEY START OFF SAYING THEY WILL SEND IT TO NIGERIA THEN,TELL ME TO GET A QUOTE AND POST IT THERE MYSELF,to which i replied i will not AS I STATED ON MY LISTING ,the reply ig ot was simply"when you gonna get a price to post to nigeria???"
which i replied im not you can read my listing,in all fairness this is the only way to treat these people as they are trying to take you for an idiot,so be on your guard and defend yourself,I personally am threatening them all with a county court appearence as im sick of it and ebay is to be honest useless,yes they refund your fees---eventually,but its un welcome aggro ,do what i do,put huuuuge red letters at the top of your listing" I WILL NOT POST OUTSIDE UK,IF YOU BID YOU BUY,I WILL FIND YOU!!!"
see how it goes i will keep adding to this as i find out more scams they are planning so please keep checking back,thanks for reading this,and remember,BE CAREFULL!!!!!

Just to update you,i have discovered these scammers look for buy it now to use so if you want to do a buy it now,put it in title and listing then have them contact you first with home address,landline number which you check works and is correct,then tell them you will end the listing or put a buy now on for them,you can also set preferences when listing your item as to who can bid and requirements they must meet,this can be done at the bottom of the listing page i believe it to be either the review and submit page or the one before that,just abit more safety for youm,will keep up to date as i am>>>>>

>>>>UPDATE;--- yesterday i listed a ps2 which was faulty,and gues what...they changed tactics,will now buy anything to nigeria,not just mobiles!!!
i got the usual,email form ebay"you item sold",then as usual,a mail from the scammer in my private inbox...HOW ARE THEY GETTING THIS ???
anyway thought you should all know,i replyed to them stating it was paypal only,uk only,and i was pursueing them thru hmcs (www.moneyclaim.gov.uk),seems to work for me,or another one i read the other day is as follows...
Note to all timewasters/scammers;I wouldnt even bother trying it,all timewasters etc will be reported to police as suspected terrorists and have thier home stormed by 250 police officers at 2.30am and probably shot!!!
Thought that got to the point quite well,and a good idea,hehehe,anyway will keep you updated cheers,and happy buying.

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