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I am hopeful that PayPal will sort out my problem with them satisfactorily, as I have not had problems with them in the past. In fact the service up til now has been very good. But this time it has caused me and my wife a huge amount of stress.  At 67 years of age I don't really need this and it could easily go very badly for our health if it continues.  They have given all manner of excuses as to why money I have withdrawn from my account  has not reached my regular bank account.  This may be problems with the electronic transfer system, and if it is, then PayPal should be honest enough to say so, or at least give an honest seller like myself enough information to invoke the necessary steps to recover goods or inform the appropriate authorities that fraud might be expected. They should not hold on to money without a valid reason to do so.  In other words proof (not assumption) that something is amiss. PayPal must realise that buyers can be equally as dishonest as some sellers.  But not everyone using eBAY or PayPal are dishonest.  I just want my money safely put into my current account so I and my wife can move on from this.  I don't want to badmouth PayPal as a lot of disgruntled users have.  That's no way to prove a point.  However, something needs looking into here.  PayPal UK may not be regulated by the FSA although it has signed up to its good practices charter, but it is regulated by the Luxembourge Regulator.  Their phone number is 00352 262 511 and their email address is direction@cssf.lu  Both of these were given to me by the FSA.  It remains to be seen if they have the powers to help in anyone's particular situation, but it might be worth logging your complaint in a reasonable manner with them.  In my case the issue involves a sum of £772.60, so no mean amount.

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