I feel like a God.....d(r)ess

Like if this guide is helpful

I am extremely new to purchasing goods from EBay....

This must be the next most wonderful way to shop for vintage clothing, designer shoes and wonderful dresses.

At the moment, I have 121 items that I'm watching.  These are mainly dresses and designer coat.   Today, however I bought the most wonderful Burberry skirt...Lol, which will go perfectly with my white Prada shirt (shop brought)  and the female version, it can only be ...  A Louis Vuitton strappy wedge sandles from EBay.

I am a extremely well dress 48 year old, who spent in the region of £400.00 per month on clothes.  My husband, yes!    Husband, called me selfish because I spent more time searching EBay, and failed to cook dinner.  (It was my turn to cook).

I did not take the full blame, why should I?    Kim Kardashian carried 70 per cent responsibility for my lapse in mind and time.  She really is a female fashion icon, and the best curvy example for a size 12, like me.

Time to have a meal.....  My husband cooked tonight!



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