I hate Paypal

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Paypal are pathetic, they say that you are insured against items up to £500 but that is rubbish. I have 100% positive feedback yet when I sold and posted an item that was in perfectly good condition, the buyer complained to Paypal that it was faulty. When it was returned it WAS faulty, but it hadn't been when I had posted it!!
Paypal decided I had to refund the buyer, even though they had made the item useless, so we lost the item and £46 was removed from my Paypal account. Except I had already transferred all my Paypal money to the bank so my Paypal account is now -£46. And it will stay that way forever. No way am I paying any money into this account EVER. They can wait till doomsday & they still won't get it.
I asked why they couldn't pay the buyer out of their 'so called' insurance, but I didn't receive a response, so I have concluded that there IS NO INSURANCE, the claims that eBayers are insured are all just rubbish. I would carry on using eBay but I would never ever use Paypal again.
I think we should start up an I Hate Paypal Club, any one who agrees let me know and we can do something about them - they make our lives a misery.
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