I know it's boring....however....recycle your packaging

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I'm sure a lot of you do it but if you don't then try it.  Keep every padded envelope, piece of wrapping paper, bubble wrap (don't pop the bubbles), polystyrene (don't you just hate that squeaky sound)  and box you receive.  Then re-use them!  Scrounge bubble wrap from your local chemist (most of their products arrive in bubble wrap envelopes which they throw away), boxes from supermarkets (okay so they are flattened - so unflatten them!).  Don't bother with trendy recycle stickers - too expensive - just turn an envelope round, stick it on the package and there you go - a free label!  Cut a nice picture off a postcard/greeting card and you have something to write 'thank you' on for your buyer.  Watch out for unfranked stamps (loads get through for some reason) and keep them somewhere you can find them.  Use cereal packets etc to pack things in (Weetabix packets are perfect for shoes).  Don't use newspaper because it smells of printing ink and can mark things quite easily and is surprisingly heavy.  Don't use bin liners either - they smell too and who wants to receive their purchase in a garbage bag? 
Happy packing!
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