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I have dark hair and pale skin and have been using the I-light 5000 for 10 months (at time of writing). To begin with I used it once a week, then every 2 weeks. I then wanted to leave at least 4 weeks between each session to save both time and money but though I sometimes do this, I do then notice a little more hair growth (particularly the underarms) and don't feel quite as confident baring my skin.

So how effective is it?
After the first use I noticed a small improvement in the speed of regrowth though not enough to justify the price. But each use led to a further improvement. After 10 months there is now a big difference -
- I previously experienced a great deal of growth on my legs and would have to shave them every day to feel comfortable, but I can now go a couple of days without becoming too self conscious. A lot of the hairs don't seem to grow back at all and a lot of those that do are lighter and less noticeable. Prior to getting this machine I had tried epilating and while that helped, I still had to shave every day and got very irritated skin from ingrowing hairs. I get no irritation from this machine.
- My underarms were also quick to regrow the same as my legs. I only tried epilating once in this area as I found it far too painful. As for shaving, again I would have to do it every day due to the regrowth. I would often get little cuts from wet shaving and so mostly stuck with an electric foil shaver. As a result I was never competely confident with this area. However, I am now a hundred percent more confident with this area using this machine. This area has definitely seen the biggest improvement. There is significantly less growth which means that I don't need to be as rigorous with shaving. I now wet shave every time shaving is necessary and don't experience any cuts or irritation perhaps due to the fact that there are generally only a few short hairs to remove and I'm not having to battle with them every day. As I write this 2 full days after my last top up wet shave, my underarms feel mostly smooth with only the odd hair starting to come through - nothing that would make me very self conscious and no where near as much growth as I used to experience.
- My bikini line seems to be the hardest area for me to tackle. I experienced the same growth here as on my legs and underarms and like my underarms I would only use my electric foil shaver here as anything else caused too much irritation. The I-light has definitely made a difference and there are significant patches where hair is either extremely slow to regrow or does not seem to regrow at all. However, whereas hair in other areas grows back finer and less dense, in this area the hair still grows back quite thick in spots. Despite this I still feel a lot more confident than before and think that over time the bald patches are getting larger.

Is it painful?
No. Though I got used to epilating my legs, it still was a little uncomfortable and there was no way I could do it under my arms. This machine gives a slightly warm sensation verging on a slight pinprick but even under the arms I just happily zap away without really thinking about it. The bikini area is a little more noticeable but still perfectly bearable - again there was no way the epilator was going near that area.

Is it time consuming?
Yes. Though the underarms can be tackled within a few minutes and the bikini area a little more, I seem to have to set aside a couple of hours to complete both legs. This is mainly due to the machine overheating every few minutes and having to wait for it to cool down.
However, this machine saves me time in other ways because I no longer feel I have to shave every day and I no longer epilate at all. In addition, when I do shave, it takes very little time now due to the fact that there are significantly less hairs to remove as well as them being less tough.

How long do the cartridges last?
1 cartridge usually enables me to I-light my whole body twice. For complete confidence I would like to use this machine every 2 weeks and so a cartridge would last a month, but I tend to find cost and time constraints restrict me to every 3 weeks and sometimes 4 or 5 or even 6, so over 10 months I have used almost 9 cartridges (not forgetting that I used it once a week to begin with).

And the cost?
I can usually pick up a cartridge for around £16 including postage, so over ten months it has cost me around £144 (not including the initial outlay for the machine itself which cost me £150).
However, I am not having to spend as much on razor blades.

Overall then I would say that this product is not a miracle worker, requires a certain amount of effort and patience and is not going to eradicate hair completely. It is also not cheap. However, it gives me much greater confidence and peace of mind. It definitely helps slow regrowth and makes most hair finer and less noticeable. It has also meant I no longer get ingrowing hairs on my legs and thus significantly less irritation. Plus no more cuts underarms. It decreases the necessity for shaving every day and makes the process more manageable and comfortable.

The I-light 5000 gets a definite thumbs up from me!
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The I-light 5000

To operate:
On the base unit there are two buttons. The top one is to adjust the intensity and you can select between 1 and 5 stars.
(I always set it as the maximum of 5 stars).
The second button is to change between single flash or continuous flash. I don't find this makes a big difference and so tend to stick with single flash.
To actually initiate the flashes, you have to either press the button on the handset for each single flash or keep it pressed down for continuous flashes (there is a short delay between each flash in this mode).
There is no risk of accidentally flashing this machine in someone's eyes due to the fact that it won't flash until it is firmly pressed onto the body.
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