I want an iPad which one is best for me??

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Are iPads in general the best tablet?
In my opinion as somewhat of an electronics geek I would say yes they are the best tablet available by performance and app capabilities....but not in value! It is for this reason that we recommend, repaired or refurbished models, that will do the exact same job for £100 £150 cheaper.
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Best For Student!
If you are studying, at either college or university a tablet could be a very handy thing! mostly because lecturers are not too keen on you using your phone for online notes or taking photos, and nothing to do with watching netflix procrastinating instead of studying. 

On a budget, as most students are, we recommend the iPad 1st gen 32gb  wi-fi only Model.

We recommend this as:
-It is around £140 and therefore cheap
-Wi-fi Capable so can connect to online student drive
-Larger than a mini so easier to read

This is the 2nd most basic model behind the 1st gen 16gb, but with the consideration of aaaaaaaaall the notes you will be taking from alllllllllll the lectures you attend never missing one as you are to hungover the 32gb makes more sense (nothing to do with the extra 5000 songs you can have). There is also no need for 3G as most institutes have their own network that can be accessed for free.

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Older Individual OR limited knowledge
If you would consider yourself perhaps slightly electronically challenged or just have never used a tablet before then never fear our recommendations are here!

As you have little knowledge of all the bells and whistles that the more modern iPads can offer we recommend:

iPad 2nd gen 16gb wi-fi Only
(Black or White... colour choice is wide open)

The iPad 2 has everything you will need, it has a faster processor than the iPad 1st gen, and also a front and rear facing camera, this is ideal for taking a few snaps or using such things as skype or facetime. There is no need "in our humble expert opinion" to get the 3G model, as, this requires a SIM card, which is really just extra hassle for a tablet you are just going to use in your house or at a friends, who will most likely have an internet connection you can use. Also the 16gb will be more than enough as 32gb would only be be required if you intended on having 10,000 songs or a lot of apps or extra data.

Average Price Refurbished: £210 (saving £80 from Brand new price)
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World travelling businessman or women!!!!
If you consider yourself a bit of a tech'o'holic who travels around a fair bit then this is the recommendation for you!

iPad mini 64gb wi-fi 3G 

We recommend the iPad mini 32gb 3G model for a few reasons. 
1. the "mini" aspect means it is easier to carry, more compact yet has all the capabilities of the iPad 3.

2. if you are travelling around a fair bit then you will need a vast amount of music and movies to keep you sane hence the 64gb recommendation, this could give you enough films to watch around the world!....at least 7 times.

3. Travelling to another country means wi-fi can be very hit or miss (mostly miss), however, not fully recommending the 3G aspect as if you are contracted in to tariff you could spend a bomb on over sea charger, but if not and you buy second hand like we recomend you could buy a pay as you go micro-sim wherever you are and simply use that, as long as your original carrier allows it (not O2!!!) or if it is unlocked.

Price refurbished: £170-220 depending on GB and 3G
This is just a real basic run down of the main differecences between the 3 types of iPads you can get, Old, New, Small. We have made a consideration chart to look over when thinking what iPad is best for you and it goes a little something like this;

What is your limiting Factor or component you simply can't live without?

Im skint:
iPad 1st gen
Its the cheapest and therefore the most affordable, processor speed can get a bit frustrating at times and does not run all the more modern apps but for the price it is pretty great and way better than a notebook or working on a smartphone in my opinion.

I want to take photos of things while having a tablet for every day use:
iPad 2-3... mostly 3
iPad 2 does have a camera but its not great an iPad 3 or Air would be the best bet depending on budget if you want to take outdoorsy type pics, but a 2 could do the job if you just want it to skype or facetime loved ones or absent friends!

I want a space saver:
iPad mini
Its not just a space saver, it's perhaps my personal favourite iPad, mostly due to price, but it is easier to hold in your hand, and feels more natural and less...clunky than some other iPads. Also it is good for music as it is slightly smaller so can fit in handbags or even pockets, but not skinny jeans.... they don't count.

I have all the monies and i want an iPad
iPad Air
If you have lots of spare money then the iPad Air is the one for you! to be fair they are a great piece of tech with the 128gb model and super light design making them anyones prefered option.... if you can afford the price tag!

Well hope this Guide helped you decide what iPad is right for you! and if not, then.... you're wrong.

All the best in your tablet adventure! 

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