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First of all this is not a dating site. There is a bizarre situation that mean that men cannot make friends after the age of about 25. It is very awkward. I for one cannot walk into a pub and start talking to people. There are alternatives. Round Table is the option I chose and I have not regretted it. Many people feel that it is an old fashioned club, full of middle aged business men, who perform funny handshakes. I have to admit I felt that myself however I found that it was nothing like that. It is a single sex organisation, so talking football, cars and general rubbish is encouraged. There is an upper age limit of 45 which means that there is a constantly refreshing change. Since joining, I have been go karting, clay pigeon shooting, Kayaking, or sometimes it is just going down the pub and playing skittles or poker, and I have helped Father Christmas tour around the town at Christmas. All these on a Tuesday night. My wife also gets involved with the organisations sister club.

So if you are new to a town, or just want to get out and have a bit of fun then Round Table can definitely provide you that. There are clubs all across the country who will make you feel like a long lost friend when you go there for the first time and there is  no obligation if its not for you. For more info visit www.roundtable.co.uk. We
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