IKEA items:CHECK before buying on eBay!

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I've noticed such a lot of IKEA items on eBay recently, which cost MORE than you would pay for them in the actual store. Add to this the rather exorbitant postage charges some sellers demand and you have one very expensive way to buy things for around the home.
The difficulty is,IKEA is perceived by many people to be expensive. True, some things at IKEA are relatively expensive (although compared with other makers of quality furniture they are a snip) Butmostof the items I've seen on eBay are the less expensive end of the ranges. For example, I have just been outraged by a throw costing about £11 new in the IKEA stores for the size shown, which the seller is claiming actually costs £30 new, presumably to try to "justify" selling it for £11 second-hand;and one of the really cheap - in fact THE cheapest range - polyester fleece throws which cost less than £3, being sold for £5 with the same amount for P&P.
I'm sure it's illegal to buy these in bulk then sell them on at a huge profit, and I'm sure it is probably against eBay's rules; in any case it is against any unwritten code decent eBayers have among themselves.
There are sellers on eBay who sell discontinued or bulk purchase IKEA stuff at a much lower price than instore, so why do others try to be greedy?
If you see anything you like which is being sold as coming from IKEA, ask the seller what the nameof the style is, then look it upoin the website, IKEA.com/gb
Find the category, say textiles, or bed linen, and look through, including at the photos because some items do have similar-looking cheaper alternatives.

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