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ebay is ‘awash’ with golf equipment and the big daddy of the game is the ‘Driver’ (or the ‘1 Wood’), is for sale by the bucket full. 

But many are illegal to use in any form of Golf competition from January 2008, and if you are found to be using one you may be disqualified from the competition and repeat offenders, at the club councils discretion may suspend the player (or even ban them which could lead to a wider ban of the regional golf courses and thier competions until appeal) for repeated non-compliance of the rules of Golf set out by the R&A. 

So before you bid on the club which you think is a bargain and is legitimate (& not a counterfeit where the logos may be obscure etc), check it out at the R&A’ and save yourself some money and worry . - Their listings are updated every week !

Some good sellers are being up-front with the conformance of the driver, but many are not, or are being vague..... Ever wondered why ?

Ebay them selves may be able to help you if you find the club you bought or have bid on is illegal in 2008 when it was listed as conforming or your were advised by the seller that it was but check it out yourself to be sure, the help from ebay will be at their own discretion as always. 

If its not listed on the R&A site DON'T BUY IT -             randa. org

That Bargain you thought you’ve seen might not be all it’s made out to be, and just because its new doesn’t mean its legal !!!  (no matter what the seller says)

If you found this guide useful please vote on it and pass the knowledge onto your Golf mates to save them from buying a non-conforming club. 

Have a good game, and I hope the other half doesnt bend your ear too much when you next go for 18 holes and the grass needs cutting etc.... 

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