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Make sure you don't make an expensive and upsetting mistake by buying a dress from eBay that breaks the rules and could get you disqualified from your medal exam or competition! Ballroom and Latin dresses for UK under 12's {Juveniles} have to conform to very strict rules 

Practically all medal exam boards in the UK abide by the British Dance Council's rules on what can and can't be worn by under 12 dancers in the UK today. 

When you compete - whether at team matches, medallist, Open and EADA competitions, you will be expected to wear an outfit that sticks to the rules in every way. If you wear something "illegal" to your medal exam or competition, at best, you risk being asked to change your outfit to something more appropriate - at worst, you could be disqualified!

It would be wonderful to think that any dress on eBay that's decribed as a Latin or Ballroom dress is totally within the rules and okay for your child to wear - but sadly, it isn't the case.

We often see dresses for sale on eBay that break those very strict rules - new dresses and second-hand.  We're writing this guide to help you avoid wasting your money on a dress that you aren't allowed to wear for anything other than your lesson or practice sessions


  • It has to be one colour 

  • It can't have any sparkly stuff, sequins or metallic thread 

  • It can't have any holographic, metallic patterns, motifs or designs 

  • It can't have any diamante, rhinestones or crystals

  • It can't be nude or flesh coloured mesh, powermesh or stretch lace

Here's some examples of what to avoid...

Generally speaking, avoid ice skating dresses, disco, freestyle, slow and rock'n'roll outfits as they're likely to be made of material that's not allowed.






  • It can't have thin, "spaghetti" shoulder straps

  • It can't be off-the-shoulder or have a one-shouldered design

  • It can't have a handkerchief, zig-zag or jagged hemline

  • It can't have an asymetric hemline - ie higher at one part than the other

  • It can have one frill, no longer than 3 inches in depth

  • It can be a simple leotard with elasticated waist skirt or wrap-over skirt

  • The skirt MUST NOT BE SEE-THROUGH!!  You can have a dress that has chiffon/georgette skirts but there must be enough layers, or another non-see-through layer underneath to make sure you can't see what lies beneath! 


Here's some examples of what to avoid...

Generally speaking try to avoid ice skating dresses, disco, freestyle, slow and rock'n'roll outfits as they'll be the kind of style and design that's not allowed



  • Basically, don't put any decoration on your dress! 

  • It can't have any feathers, fluorescent paint, fringe, buttons, bows, sequins, rhinestones, crystals or lace

  • You can have stretch lace on some parts of the dress.  However, be aware that there are only two areas of the dress where you can have strech lace on its own..the arms and the  area between the neck and upper bodice - ie well above the upper chest/breast region.  This is for modesty reasons.

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