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Before very long at all, any car without some kind of screen based product in it will be seen as being as quaintly old fashioned as a car with no radio is today !!

James Bond had navigation well before the rest of us. Thing is, those of us who recall it will remember that it was a bit naff. A red light with what looked suspiciously like a sheet of scrolling paper showed him where he was, as the centre of his screen. Then there was a Bond movie with the alpine full colour fax machine in the dash that looked like it could do a print rate of twenty pages of images a minute and Bond seemed to get his picture downloaded in seconds flat.

Any kind of screen in your car is currently cool so get ready to upgrade.

Now the distraction issue is way above any other in car electronics and gathers its own controversy (screen operation whils`t driving ?)

I feel it is up to the driver to behave and adhere to the due care and attention law.

Above all enjoy the new technology and embrace the future.

Premier Audio (Stourbridge, West Midlands)

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