IN STORES NOW Wii Fit RRP ONLY £69.99. You mean Not £99

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Yes folks its true its actually £69.99 makes you realise why people all across europe that are buying for around £49.99 want to import to the Mighty UK lol

This is a small tip to all of you in nintendo(ebay)world.


Just like yourselves i too would like to be a bit more active so i decided to do my bit and buy a wii fit

And one look on ebay and i nearly started crying thinking is nintendo really selling these for a crazy £100? Well here is the sad thing we have become so reliant on ebay that we have stopped checking for items anywhere else.

Yeah sounds stupid but its true.Iphone 3G Unlocked is actually £300 for 16gb yet you wont get it on ebay for less than £500 i am starting to ask the real question how do we save money if people dont offer things even at the price they buy for and what people are now doing is going to the shops in order to buy out all the stock to sell on ebay ????


But me i didnt agree i just went to the shop now i ordered one the man said it wont be more than 1 day before i get my wii fit so i am very happy

Plus if you need to check your local store just ring the local number ask if they have it or that can they get them you save £30s buying at RRP now i never thought i would see the day where RRp was better than the second hand resell i wouold normally get elsewhere lol


Dont forget to vote and i will try to do more of these to help Joe average save that extra penny here and there.



Saturday morning 2-08-08

Been to tesco store down the road bought two wii fits time is 8.36 am

So its not a lie the wii fits are in stores people just pay an extra £30 cause in reality its why they need the wii fit to get fit and do some small leg work lol

I found this search to prove that we are really becoming a bunch of lazy human beings not being bothered enough to wake up early on a day go to a store and ask for what we are looking for

Yeah you will get a NO stock if you call tesco direct as they have different stock to the tesco shop but going direct to the shop can really save you alot of time

I just rang my local tescos number And NOT tesco directs number


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